Victoria Arduino wins ADI Design Index 2020 with Eagle One

Victoria Arduino

Italian coffee machine manufacturer Victoria Arduino’s espresso coffee machine the Eagle One has won the ADI Design Index 2020 award for its aesthetic and innovative design.

Decided by the Permanent Observatory of Design, under the Industrial Design Association, the announcement was made on 3 June at the ADI Design Museum.

Italian designer Giulio Cappelinni created the Eagle One to represent a “fusion between history and avant-garde.”

Eagle One is made from different materials from wood and steel to resins and aluminium, which is aimed at allowing its designated coffee bar to express its personality.

Victoria Arduino focused Eagle One’s design on technological research and innovation, seeking to implement Victoria Arduino’s specific NEO extraction technology in an easy to use machine.

This NEO technology is Victoria Arduino’s instant heating system only heats the necessary amount of water needed for espresso extraction to reduce energy consumption.

Eagle One’s material use and project design have reduced emissions in the production process by 23 per cent and total machine energy consumption by 8 per cent.

With its roots in Italian know-how, Victoria Arduino believes coffee machines are not just serving tools, but have the ability to carry messages and express the personality and life story of the barista itself. As such, the goal of Eagle One is to change with its surroundings and become of its story.

For more information on the Eagle One, please click here.

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