Easternmen & Co to open Coffee Museum in Dubai

United Arab Emirates based coffee distributer Easternmen & Co is bringing The Coffee Museum to Dubai, with a grand opening expected for November. According to Easternmen & Co Director Khalid Al Mulla, the museum will showcase a complete history of coffee production, as well as a collection of international antiques. “The first piece of antique equipment was brought for our company to display at various trade fairs and it received a lot of attention, “ said Al Mulla. “I continued to collect more and more until I visited the coffee museum in Hamburg, Germany where on the spot I decided to open a museum in Dubai.” Al Mulla said the museum would feature live demonstrations of the Ethiopian, Turkish and Middle Eastern styles of roasting, grinding and brewing. “The most important thing is that people know that farmers and their families sacrifice their lives to produce the perfect bean,” said Al Mulla. “Each person should wake up every morning and hold his cup knowing the story behind it.” The museum will have a literature room, a media room, a gift shop and a history room. The history room will feature the stories of local and international companies in the coffee industry. “The Coffee Museum is the tip of the iceberg for future, even bigger, projects for Easternmen & Co in the coffee industry,” said Al Mulla.

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