Ecuador highlights the nation’s best coffee

Due to its geographical location, Ecuador’s Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries says the nation produces one of the best coffees in South America. The diverse ecosystems of Ecuador have allowed coffee to grow all around the country, even in the Galapagos Islands, including varieties Typica, Sidra, Bourbon, and Caturra. The quality of these coffees will be on display at the Ecuadorian National Barista Bhampionship and inaugural National Brewers Cup, tkaing place on 16 October in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Through Pro Ecuador, the ministry organises the National Barista Championship every year in partnership with the Specialty Coffee Association of Ecuador. Pro Ecuador serves as the in-country partner of World Coffee Events, in order to bring international awareness to the quality and diversity of Ecuadorian coffee throug the organisation of tournaments within the country. On 21 October, Ecuador´s coffee wil lbe highlighted again, this time by the National Association of Coffee Exporters (Anecafé), will organise the 13th Taza Dorada cupping competition. The Anecafé competition seeks to identify the best Arabic coffee, among the individual and producer organisations of Ecuador. Ecuadorian coffee is also available to the global community, available online at the e-Ecuador maketplace. e-Ecuador is an e-commerce tool of Pro Ecuador, intended to bond exporters and importers in a digital marketplace where direct and clean negotiations can be made, without intermediates. For more information, visit Follow Global Coffee Report on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for up-to-date news and analysis of the global coffee industry.

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