Egro Next Touch Coffee

Egro Next Touch Coffee is the latest-generation fully automatic designed for drip coffee.

The four-hopper system offers four different base coffees, is always ready to brew, and can create up to 10 different blends. The coffee is ground and prepared instantly upon order, without any waste, to guarantee the unique taste and aroma of each coffee bean in every cup. No more stale coffee in big carafes, Next Touch Coffee is faster than a traditional drip coffee maker and brews only what’s selling, with no recovery time.

Swipe, tap, and scroll with ease through the coffee menu. It’s as easy as using your smartphone, with all preferences and drink selections at your fingertips. Next Touch Coffee is a practical and convenient solution. It reduces labour and maintenance costs, and simplifies cleaning operations.

It can also be configured with customisable modular options, business-focused IoT innovations, and a range of payment systems. Egro Next Touch Coffee meets the various needs of convenience stores, petrol stations, fast-food and self-service restaurants, and all venues serving drip coffee. Recommended output is 200 cups per day.

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