Encapsulated In Origin

Encapsulated In Origin is a unique concept from a Colombian company that produces beverage capsules. Encapsulated In Origin coffee single serve cups are roasted, encapsulated and packed at origin, guaranteeing freshness and superior quality; keeping all attributes and experience of a filtered specialty coffee with all the convenience of a capsule.  In the Innovation Lab, Encapsulated in Origin tailor makes coffee, tea and other beverages profiles according to the needs and preferences of our customers; always personalised for each client, market and consumer. Encapsulated In Origin offers a co-packing service with the exclusive brands of clients in two ways – sourcing directly premium coffee from small plots of land or using the best coffee from their customers with all the traceability. They offer a comprehensive coffee solution with brewers and supplies to develop the Encapsulated In Origin category, so you can enjoy the freshest single serve cup worldwide. For more information go to:

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