Era of We to launch digital platform that empowers coffee growers

Martin Lofbergs

Swedish company Era of We has created an end-to-end digital coffee service that connects stakeholders across the coffee supply chain. This means coffee growers can build their own coffee brands and markets through direct connection to roasters and consumers.

This leads to a shorter supply chain and allows farmers to set their own coffee prices.

Initially to be released in Sweden in June, the platform is expected to eventually be rolled out internationally.

Era of We was created in response to the growing concern for the small percentage of profits that is allocated to the farmers.

A Fairtrade report found that nearly 61 per cent of coffee producers sell their coffee at a price below the cost of production. Due to this, many farmers struggle to survive, resulting in their children unwilling to continue the trade, putting the global coffee industry at risk.

Era of We believes that through connecting and shortening the supply chain, a global community can be fostered resulting in greater transparency and ethical practices.

With this new platform, the company hopes that all members of the supply chain will have a more proactive role resulting in an equitable and sustainable business model. This in turn hopes to encourage greater coffee bean variety and flavour.

Founded by Martin Löfberg from Sweidsh coffee roaster Löfbergs, Era of We is a platform that is designed “to protect the future of coffee.”

After spending the last 10 years working with coffee farmers in South and Central America and East Africa and Asia, Löfberg says he built the platform to create a more income-sustainable model for the coffee growers and to secure the long-term future of coffee production.

“We want to democratise the supply chain through transparency and collaboration,” says Martin Löfberg, founder and chairman of Era of We. “By helping farmers create individual brands based on their distinct coffee properties, Era of We will help increase the overall value of coffee estates.”

The Löfbergs company will be the first coffee roaster on the platform. Era of We states that roasters can benefit from the platform through the ability to establish direct relationships with international coffee estates.

Fredrik Nilsson, Acting CEO of Löfbergs says, “Roasters and roaster clients are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting coffee estates and products to enhance their own brand to give consumers the best possible experience – unique, delicious coffee with a traceable story.”

Era of We will also provide a “one-stop-shop” to understand current coffee trends and estates, as well as product innovations and prices.

It has also been designed for individuals who are passionate about coffee, and provides a space to discuss, learn and experience coffee in a new way.

Erik Hedlund, CEO of Era of We says, “People care more about their coffee than ever before, and those expectations continue to rise. Era of We builds that bridge for consumers and allows them to enjoy their coffee with the full knowledge of its characteristics and attributes.”

Hedlund predicts that the coffee industry will continue to evolve in a way similar to the wine industry where consumers seek out specific coffee estates for “their characteristics, pedigree, and process.”

Roasters can gain access to a customised suite of Era of We services and capabilities via a monthly subscription.

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