Espresso House launches House Habits initiative to support employees

Espresso House

Espresso House has announced the latest phase of its longstanding commitment to support the health and wellbeing of its team members.

As one of the largest youth employers across the Nordics with over 7000 employees working across 500 sites, Espresso House aims to foster and maintain the highest quality working standards for all its colleagues.

“At Espresso House, our people come first, and we truly want to create a community where we help each other achieve our best. As of one the Nordic’s largest youth employers, we have a duty of care to ensure that our people start their careers knowing what great feels like,” says Espresso House CEO, Anssi Thureson.

As part of its ongoing commitment to be an employer of choice in the Nordics, Espresso House has finalised a suite of defined ‘House Habits’ that will detail enhanced workplace policies for the Group.

‘House Habits’ will be based on and seek to surpass internationally recognised standards and principles, including all relevant regional and national standards.

These will focus on:

  • Setting clear expectations as an employer and for employees, codified through ‘House Habits’
  • Enhancing centre of operations and onsite training, including updated programmes, with mandatory attendance and regular evaluation
  • Attracting the best talent, creating the best work environment, and ensuring work-life balance, underpinned by upgraded recruitment procedures and a new and bespoke human resources platform
  • Improving understanding of colleague priorities, via frequent internal sentiment and wellbeing surveys
  • Fostering diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace, with regular evaluation and reaffirmed expectations
  • Ensuring an open dialogue between employees and management
  • Establishing metrics to track progress

In June, under Espresso House’s new House Habits initiative, it will also launch a campaign focused on supporting young employees entering their first job and help lay the foundation for their future career development.

“Our promise at Espresso House is that we will always strive to continuously improve our teams and guest experiences. I am confident that these exercises will only make us stronger as a team and I look forward to providing public updates on our progress,” Thureson says.

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