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Eversys Cameo ST GoldIris


At Eversys, machines can be custom designed upon request to reflect a customer’s brand in look and feel. The Cameo/ST GoldIris is an illustration of what can be achieved – the perfect blend of luxury, high tech, and craftmanship.

The Cameo/ST has the same functionality as the Cameo/Classic with the addition of Eversys’ Super Traditional design, creating an authenticity that is on par with age old traditions.

The Cameo/ST GlodIris’ side panels are enhanced by a multi-layer surface treatment that allows its faceted shape to sparkle like gemstones. The base’s golden hue is strengthened by the presence of special pigments that create a subtle ‘iris-like’ effect, ranging from emerald to topaz. These sculptural sides are contrasted by carbon fibre, used on the face, drip tray, and back panel.

Just like the Cameo/Classic, the Cameo/ST GoldIris can produce up to 175 espresso and 170 hot water products per hour. Like the Cameo C’2m/ST, it also comes with an integrated milk system, which create up to 175 cappuccino per hour. 

For more information, visit www.eversys.com

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