Eversys Cameo X

Designed to empower consumers to create what they desire, the Cameo X machine is the precursor to super traditional equipment, a combination of automation and tradition with the embodiment of conventional espresso design. Using materials such as copper-painted metal and natural materials, the design boasts semi-transparent side panels that become a source of theatre for customers, allowing them to watch the inner machine from behind the scenes.

New technology includes the e’levelling system, which uses a patented powder homogenisation system for consistent quality of extraction. It also includes the new 1.5 milk option, which dispenses a controlled dosage of frothed milk through the wand at the same time that the brewed espresso hits the cup, allowing for the finishing touch of latte art design, created without trained barista skill.

The Cameo X is limited to 250 units and each machine is sold with a certificate of authenticity as well as engraved numbers of the chassis to mark their uniqueness.

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