Eversys Cameo

Cameo features the most advanced Eversys technology to date, including a new touch-screen interface designed for intuitive navigation, ease-of-use, and simple temperature control. Its sophisticated Electronic Milk Texturing system allows operators to create the perfect milk foam and texture for a comprehensive menu of bespoke milk-based drinks. An improved e’Foam system, with the Micro Air Dosing system, allows baristas to texture milk electronically, giving them freedom to be more creative. Other new features include:
– New generation modular system: the legendary modularity construction has been improved to allow quicker maintenance and ease of use.
– Lower chassis: Cameo has a reduced footprint compared to the existing Eversys e’range, which helps to promote greater customer engagement.
– Variable tea temperature system: offers operators variable water temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted from the screen’s hot water wheel, so different types of tea always have a perfect infusion. For more information visit:

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