Eversys e’4

Conceived like a traditional two-group machine, the e’4 is a 56-centimetre super-automatic espresso machine that can produce four espressos at a time with barista quality and consistency, but with low labour costs! Thanks to the e’Barista system, Eversys can produce a market-leading in-cup experience, which is in line with the old fashioned and respected standards of traditional machines, using technology as a tool to enhance productivity and consistency. Its effortless productivity – up to 350 espressos per hour or four products every 23 seconds – makes it ideal for high volumes in limited spaces, but where quality still matters. The machine also includes two steam wands for frothing the milk. Thanks to e-foam, Eversys’ automatic milk frothing process that infuses steam and air to texture the milk, the operator can easily produce latte art just as a barista would, but faster and with lower labour costs!
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