Eversys Enigma Super Traditional: the definition of future

Eversys Chief Commercial Officer Kamal Bengougam on how the new Enigma Super Traditional machine is set to reconcile the worlds of tradition and automation, and influence the next generation of baristas.

In the beginning, the world of coffee was dominated by archaic methods of brewing espresso. Stove top contraptions, open fire pots and kettles were the inspiration of the day. The world danced to a gentle rhythm, things took their normal pace and, just like my wife getting ready, the end often justified the means.

kamal bengougam
Kamal Bengougam is the Chief Commercial Officer of Eversys.

Then, the world of mechanical devices was birthed and many brands – principally in Italy – arose to produce not only fabulous espresso but also developed beautiful metallic machines. A bit like 1950s cars in post-war United States, espresso machines defined themselves through shiny curves, noisy powerful engines, and lots of theatrics. The world of ‘la dolce vita’ spread around the world as movies like Roman Holiday perked the youthful imagination of a new generation.

Later, someone decided that coffee could be made more easily with the help of electronics. Efficient Swiss and German engineers began the process of automation and the world of coffee became confined within a rectangular box. Beauty was sacrificed at the altar of efficiency, and the market became forever divided between the ‘traditional’ and ‘automatic’ camps.

Now, inspired by design aesthetics as well as in-cup quality, Eversys has developed a new line of coffee machines under the banner of Super Traditional (ST) equipment. We already knew that an automatic machine was efficient, productive, but could it really compete in traditional areas such as taste and design? It appears the answer is a resounding “yes” on both counts.

But what about humans, baristas? Insanity is often described as doing repetitive tasks with the same outcome, so we have decided to remove mundane tasks like grinding, tamping, milk frothing and release the barista’s creativity and knowledge. Rather than being a mere factory worker, a barista’s role can be elevated to become more like a sommelier, a subject matter expert in the field of coffee products.

So, what happens next? We have to let the market decide, choose whether or not to accept this new narrative, this new normal. Faced with reduced turnover, businesses have to become more productive, reduce costs, become more competitive, and, above all, place the customer at the centre of their value proposition. And, today’s customer seems to be more driven by choice, accessibility and speed than old fashioned parameters of decision.

At Eversys, we are really excited at the prospect of our new line of machines. The Enigma and Cameo ST offer the best of both worlds. Electronic intelligence, efficiency, control, as well as customisable aesthetics and leading edge in-cup quality and consistency.

When design meets functionality
The design of Eversys machines is a combination between design aesthetics and functionality, which has been achieved by enhancing the intrinsic characteristics of natural metals.

The styling of the Enigma Classic has a sober and architectural approach, with the theme of the rounded rectangle highlighted on several elements: the main body, the belt around the displays, the stainless steel drip tray, and the vertical part of the aluminium coffee outlets. The Enigma ST goes one step further, by strengthening the emotionality of the machine.

This is particularly noticeable on the back, where a double-curved translucent panel animates the volume of the machine, without looking too bulky. This is thanks to its quasi-floating connection to the side panels through milled metal pins.

On the centre, a strong aluminium bar slices the volume, helping to reduce the visual height of the machine, affirming its strong character.

The contrast between the high glossy finish of the back and the front is accentuated by the adoption of matt dark grey brushed side aluminium panels.

In order to keep a family feeling with other Eversys machines like the Cameo X or the Enigma Classic, as well as to enhance the traditional aspect of the machine, copper is used as an accent colour on the display frames, and on the rear brand logo.

Monochromatic selection icons are displayed to fit with the sober face that holds the all-metal outlets.

Pure, timeless, authentic – the design definition of Eversys.

When talent meets technology
In November 2020, at Eversys’s headquarters in Sierre, Switzerland, we had the chance to meet Emi Fukahori, World Brewers Cup Champion 2018 and Founder of Mame, a specialty coffee roaster and shop based in Zurich.

Fukahori was born and raised in Japan. She came to Switzerland to study tourism and ended up falling in love with the coffee industry. Back then, Fukahori was interested in milk flavours and would ask herself: “How could a flat white taste so different from two coffee chains? Is it because of the barista, the beans or the coffee itself?” Fukahori discovered that coffee offers more complexity of taste and flavour than she ever imagined.

It was only in 2014 when she had the opportunity to watch a World Barista Championship in action that she discovered a cappuccino could really taste like a strawberry, which marked the start of her coffee life.

Fukahori’s journey thus far has led her to Eversys, where she got to experience our brand-new Enigma ST machine.

“I really like the fact that it is making my life easier, not just because there is one less thing for me to do as I still have to program, taste, and work with the machine,” Fukahori says. “I think the importance of being a barista hasn’t changed. But with a machine such as this which is so easy to operate, it enlarges the possibilities of being a barista. If you are driven by flavours from a different industry such as a pastry chef, the machine and its functions make it accessible for you to entertain your customers and serve them great coffee, despite not being a fully-fledged barista yourself.”

When Fukahori heard the Eversys Enigma ST tagline “a traditional yet fully automatic machine”, she knew she would be proud to show the machine to her customers.

“With Eversys machines, it becomes very interesting to educate people how to program your shots or make perfect milk texture. There is nothing to hide. It’s an intelligent machine. It is definitely the future of coffee,” she says.

The Enigma is not here to replace the barista. We should see it as an instrument, a tool. If coffee is the music, the barista is the composer and with great instruments, the musician can create even greater music.

Some people may say that the journey ahead, towards reconciling the worlds of tradition and automatism remains substantial, but we at Eversys prefer to look back and appreciate how far we have come.

And, while we cannot fathom the future, we can influence it by making good decisions in the present.

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