Eversys Enigma: The next generation of super traditionals

The future of super traditional machines is celebrated in Eversys’ new-look E-line, a machine that embraces new technology, design aesthetics, and a guaranteed return on investment at a time when purchase decisions will be measured, and safety is paramount.

Just as surgeons use extreme precision to perform facelifts and give patients a more youthful appearance, Eversys engineers and designers have worked hand in hand to give its original E-line a revitalised look with glowing results. 

Now called Enigma, the new line encompasses two models with multiple combinations and solutions that embrace the Swiss espresso machine manufacturer’s vision for super traditional machines.

“As a company, we’ve seen the industry evolve and we truly believe that Enigma is the next-generation line of machines that, in our opinion, represents the sum total of our experience over the past 10 years. It also predicts the future and thinks about what the market is going to need moving forward,” says Eversys Chief Commercial Officer Kamal Bengougam from Eversys’ new factory in Sierre, Switzerland.

“We believe customers will want a machine that is customisable, that is the centre piece of their shop, that is functional, and has power. There is also a sense of aesthetic whereby a super automatic now goes beyond functionality into the realm of appeal, and morphs into a super traditional machine. Now we’re moving to the next phase and making a compelling statement in the market that Eversys genuinely stands for innovation.”

Eversys established the original E’line in 2012, which was the market’s first taste of Eversys’ commitment to super automatic machines that performed like traditional models. Eight years on, Alexandre Rossier, Head of Design at Eversys, says the time was right to update the E’line with the introduction of new technologies and improved design to meet current market needs and trends. 

“When designing any object, from a prosthetic leg to a sneaker, car or motorbike, it has to be from the inside out. Functionality supports in-cup quality, it doesn’t drive it. It’s not about creating a new design for the sake of it. It must always enhance a product for the better,” Rossier says. “Design can only work effectively if it fits in with the technological objectives of our engineering team, the needs of our customers, and matches the company vision. In the case of Eversys, it always begins with the customer and in-cup quality.”

In the past, Rossier says people have considered super automatic machines as simple push-button machines, but unlike traditional models, they are evolving and transforming themselves in terms of design and quality to now become a compelling market solution.

The new Enigma line includes the E’4, modelled on a two-group espresso machine; the Shotmaster, a slim unit with two coffee dispensing outlets; and the Shotmaster with two dispensing outlets and an integrated 1.5-Step milk texturing capability. Each model comes with side module accessory options, including e’choco with two powder canisters, e’fridge with a nine-litre capacity, and an E’cup heater with a four-heating-plate cup heater.

The Enigma range is designed to be authentic and timeless. All of its parts are modular, with a rounded rectangle styling theme consistently reflected in the body structure, screens and drip tray. 

The new display screens are 27 per cent larger at 10.1-inches (25.6 centimetres) with a higher resolution and wider viewing angle to make product selection easier. It also allows videos to run thanks to a more powerful central processing unit, run on a Linux platform.

The coffee outlet is a completely new design that bridges the look of a conventional machine with a super traditional model. The machine is available in two versions: Tempest and Earth, with side panels in natural aluminium and copper colour, respectively. The top of the machine and the drip trays are made of resistant stainless steel. The bean hoppers and cup guards have darker hues, and the front of the machine evokes a black, glossy finish. A light cup guard helps reduce the machine’s perceived height, while the coffee outlet is designed with better ergonomics and haptics. 

“The Enigma line has enhanced the use of metals in every direction, making up more than 90 per cent of the machine. Our choice to use metal will also achieve machine longevity because metal doesn’t age, making it very sustainable. It’s a strong, rich, indestructible material, which promotes a certain quality and elegance compared to machines made with a lot of plastic elements,” Rossier says. 

Metals have always been part of Rossier’s world. He worked as a professional trumpet player before becoming a designer and spending 25 years in the automotive industry, designing sports cars, race cars, and motorbikes.

“In the world of car racing, you need the product to look good, but it needs to be efficient too. There are ways to shave kilos off a motorbike to enable it to go faster, but it also needs to be reliable, consistent, and technically sound. It’s the same when designing coffee machines, you need to have consistency in the design that’s reflected in all parts of the machine,” Rossier says.

Thorsten Schindler is Eversys’ Product Management Director, the man who initiated Eversys’ first super traditional machine, Cameo, unveiled at HostMilano in 2017.

Unlike the Cameo, which is smaller in size and positioned for the specialty market, the remodelled Enigma line is destined for venues with high throughput, particularly coffee chains. As such, the R&D team were entrusted with the task of creating a range of machines that complemented the design of the Cameo, but also delivered the same in-cup quality and consistency the market demanded. 

“From a technical point of view, I was already happy with the in-cup quality from the original E-line, so we decided to retain the things we did well and adapt them into a new design. We identified what we could improve in the technology, and we decided that this would be milk foam quality. And now, in my opinion, it is a fully improved line,” Schindler says.

The improvements include the introduction of Eversys’ e’Levelling system to create a more compact and even espresso extraction, and Eversys’ latest milk technology that improves temperature stability, foam texturing, and electronic set-up of foam thickness. Units can also cater for two types of milk options. The new Enigma line has improved geometry for self-cleaning and comes with the optional inclusion of the Eversys’ 1.5-Step automatic milk frothing arm to enable the barista to do their job with more skill and consistency. 

The refreshed range also takes into consideration user productivity. For instance, the new Shotmaster Pro can produce eight shots at one time. Its compact size is ideal for high volume shops where counter space is limited.

The other benefit is improved remote monitoring and control of the machine. Operators can access dashboard information remotely, access monthly and weekly volume reports, and be notified when the machine has run out of cups or coffee beans and place a new order.

In this new “dynamic norm”, Bengougam says buyers will think twice of what to invest their hard-earned money in, ensuring their purchasing decisions guarantee return on investment and keep maintenance costs low. For this reason, they need a machine that is built to last.

“No longer will people merely buy a machine just because it looks cool. In this new world, I believe people will be more cost conscious and profit driven. From an operator perspective, you want to make money and survive,” Bengougam says.

“People will need to have reduced labour costs, and machines like the Shotmaster gives them the ability to operate at a high level of productivity, so you minimise costs, optimise revenue, have a chance of being profitable.” 

The philosophy behind the Enigma range was to provide people with a tool to enable them to develop and run profitable businesses. Before COVID-19 hit, Bengougam says he felt the market was ready for a steep change, and what the global pandemic has done is create a platform to accelerate paradigm shift. 

“The world is rotating and we have no choice but to move forward. At Eversys, we are constantly trying to see where the market is evolving and how we can best align. Whatever we develop must be pertinent and on trend to market needs,” he says. “We know people are thinking about design, thinking about becoming more profitable and want to express themselves through their tools.”

With safety now at the forefront of shop operations, Bengougam predicts people’s awareness of infection will also be heightened. With the Enigma range, customers can use their mobile phone to scan a QR code on one of the display screens to access the drinks menu and select their beverage of choice for a grab-and-go solution with zero risk of contamination. 

The other interesting consideration, Bengougam adds, is millennials’ desire for choice and the use of technology. Rather than asking a barista for a detailed list of instructions on how they want their coffee and milk served, the Enigma line gives customers the platform to customise their beverage, straight from their phone, much like online banking or ordering at McDonald’s.  

The launch of the Eversys Enigma line will take place in September. Bengougam says planning has been a few years in the making, but that the new line has arrived at a time when the world needs to become more competitive and embrace this period of renewed creativity.

“I predict the industry will go through a rebuilding exercise, when it will be about regaining what was lost, followed by a period of renewed growth,” Bengougam says. 

“Businesses almost need to reinvent themselves in this new paradigm and remember that this is the beginning of a new day, not the end. We need to create machines with the flexibility to adapt, and with elements that can be customised to fit individual needs, and that’s what we’ve done. We at Eversys are giving the industry something disruptively creative and fresh so that when venues reopen, you can send a message to your customers that says: ‘I’m embracing this new reality, with equipment and products that have been designed to complement times like this.’”

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