Eversys explains its three pillars that help drive results


Eversys explains how it will use its three pillars of Milks, Beverage Menus, and IOT to drive performance, now and into the future.

When it came to deciphering the direction of Eversys’ presence at the HostMilano exhibition in October, it was a strategic decision in line with market shifts and customer needs.

“One of the first fundamental goals in exhibiting at HostMilano is to show to the market that our super traditional machines can deliver the exact same in-cup quality as traditional espresso machines. Next, we want to celebrate Eversys’ modularity and how the machines have been designed to make the life of a technician as easy as possible. The third fundamental goal is to celebrate innovation,” says Eversys Marketing Director Andre Eiermann.

“HostMilano is where we showcase to the commercial universe and large roasters and companies how we can drive their performance even more by looking at current key trends in our industry.”

The three trends the Swiss manufacturer identifies are dairy and dairy alternatives, innovative hot and cold beverages, and the advantageous possibilities of connectivity and software-assisted features.

Eiermann estimates that 80 per cent of all coffee beverages served globally are milk-based. As such, Eversys has three dedicated options to cater to all dairy and dairy-alternative needs: its 2-Step, 1-Step and 1.5 Step milk systems.

“It’s about flexibility and showing to our key commercial partners that anyone can perfect dairy and dairy alternative milk wusing our machines,” Eiermann says.

“Our technology has the ability to own the dairy milk alternative space, and to demonstrate this, Eversys will feature two machines on its stand at Host: one texturing dairy milk, the other, dairy alternatives, to show that Eversys technology can master both the traditional world and the new world.”

To demonstrate its flexibility and adaptation to Asian beverage innovations, Eversys will also create an Avocado Oat Latte breakfast on its stand.

Eversys is a solutions-oriented company with mechanics, electronics, interface, cloud-based services, and IoT partnerships.

Renowned latte art professionals will rotate and present their texturing prowess and what’s possible when using Eversys machines.

Eiermann says it’s also important for HostMilano visitors to see how they can leverage their menus and embrace coffee as an ingredient for desserts, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

“We want to inspire people and stimulate new items, and thanks to two baristas and mixology specialists from Switzerland and China, they will demonstrate four crafted recipes and mixed coffee beverages,” he says.

To celebrate the future of innovation, Eversys’ tech team will provide on-site training at HostMilano. Eiermann says this is a clear sign to the market that investing in Eversys is not a one-off investment, but about working in partnership to harness potential even further, from after sales support to technical expertise.

The tech team will also officially unveil the Légacy espresso machine, and demonstrate its capabilities including the latest precision grinding module. Users can configure up to four grinders to produce and choose between four different types of beans. To put this to the test, Eiermann will serve 30 espresso tonics and 30 affogatos on the new Légacy machine while talking to the crowd to indicate how baristas can unleash their creativity while maintaining efficiency.

“The idea is to show the audience how the role of the barista has transformed from simply making coffee to becoming a creative expert in coffee and coffee-based beverages, with a major focus on customer service as well as innovation,” Eiermann says.

The Eversys exhibition stand will also feature an open corner where it will host Internet of Things (IoT) technology partners to present their Application Programming Interface (API) solutions.

“Since the beginning of Eversys, we’ve always been quite technology driven. Now, we want to show potential customers a bigger perspective of what it will mean to work with us,” says Stephan Zink, Eversys Software and Electronics Director.

An IOT world of possibilities

Previously, Zink says software solutions for Eversys customers were fairly standardised: use an interface and payment solution that is only accessible in the regions of Switzerland, Germany, Austria; use an API payment extension that connects to Bluetooth; or allow a customer to integrate their own API payment ecosystem.

“More and more, chain operators don’t only want to buy coffee machines that are isolated from a payment and telemetry solution. They want to integrate it into their ecosystem,” Zink says.

Eversys’ telemetry system allows customers to gather data from its machines to optimise solutions.

To demonstrate how Eversys is catering to the needs of customers in various markets, different IoT technology partners will rotate on the Eversys stand to share their API solutions. It includes Greek software company Bibe Coffee, and Latvian company Sm Vend, who both specialise in telemetry and payment solutions; Danish under-counter coffee solution and ordering company Specter, and German smart vending solution company Iovent, who offer turnkey operations with software and hardware for telemetry payment solutions.

“The payment world is becoming so complicated that we cannot alone create a keystone solution for each market, each country,” says Jonathan Besse, Eversys Research and Development Director. “We really want to make a custom fit for each country, and encourage our partners to work with us to develop tailor-made solutions, even if it means helping customers change their business model.

Eversys will officially unveil the Légacy espresso machine at HostMilano and demonstrate how it aids workflow efficiency and barista creativity.

“It’s not about coffee consumption or technical ability. It’s about taking a customer-oriented approach and really presenting a final solution to the customer. We want to see what problems we can solve for them.”

Such payment solutions could mean using the Alipay smart vending machine solution in China, integrating QR codes into the machine interface, or enabling tap-and-go transactions.

Eversys points to Irish coffee chain Frank and Honest under parent company Musgrave Group, who worked with Eversys in the past to develop payment solutions.

“We can really unleash full potential if we understand the needs of the key account, then develop the solution together, and that’s what we did with Frank and Honest. We understood their needs and said: ‘that’s possible, let’s develop it together’,” Besse says.

The end result involved using Eversys telemetry system to gather data from its machines to calculate the volume of coffee made per Frank and Honest location, and how much milk and sugar was used.
This information was then passed onto its logistics company to ensure enough stock was ordered at each store according to specific volume needs.

Another option is to combine Eversys’ telemetry system and integrate it with a company’s own payment portal and backend to present everything in one portal.

“Big companies have their own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system and they don’t necessarily want to use different systems in parallel. They want to combine the data and aggregate them, and have an overview at a glance. That’s the trend everywhere, integration. That’s when you have a solution that’s tailor made to your needs,” Zink says.

“We care about the last mile. We know how to bring the data from the machine to the backend using lots of sensors to measure and monitor. We bring all that data into ‘the cloud’, then it’s about the interface and combining different services where the possibilities are endless.”

Swiss Latte Art Champion 2019/2020 Greg Raymond will demonstrate the texturing abilities of dairy and dairy alternatives at HostMilano

For a long time, Besse says Eversys’ telemetry solutions represented pie charts and statistics for businesses to automatically measure and compare performance and KPIs, but what Eversys is focused on now, is how to optimise service from data available.

“We are different to other telemetry solutions out there in terms of the depth of data we offer. That’s where we are really strong. From the beginning, that was the focus. I’m convinced it’s a strength we want to concentrate on in the future,” Basse says.

The future, Eiermann says, is thinking of Eversys beyond its coffee machine manufacturing abilities, and more as a solutions-oriented company that offers the strength of its mechanics, electronics, interface, cloud-based services, and IoT partnerships.

“We are opening up our ecosystem of solutions to our partners. We can’t do everything ourselves, so we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We are ready and open-minded to go to the next step together and create new and exciting solutions,” he says.

“No longer are we just talking about coffee making. We’re looking at the supply chain side of the business, using telemetry to analyse data, and going far beyond a simple cup of coffee. This is what our customers expect now. They are clearly emphasising in-cup quality, but they expect more than tasty coffee, and that’s what we can deliver thanks to the software side of our business. It really is a dealbreaker in today’s market.”

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This article was first published in the September/October 2023 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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