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Eversys Group Commercial Director Kamal Bengougam imagines what 2022 might bring

Each year GCR invites industry leaders to share their hopes, fears and expectations for the year ahead, in what is expected to be one of rejuvenation and unity for the global coffee market.

Trying to imagine what 2022 might bring, I have let my mind wander in the hope that 2022 will bring some wisdom back into our shaken world.

In 2021, we experienced some hope with a few success stories, a coffee world reaching out for those low yet elusive hanging fruits that, in 2021, we had at times to even jump a bit to reach.  

I can foresee the following trends for 2022:

  1. A rise in creative business models. Under pressure, the human spirit always rises, finds a way through the most complex of issues, demonstrates a strong will to survive. 
  2. The loss/challenge of old-fashioned taboos. Humanity will shed its restrictive cocoon, stretch its wings towards creating a new reality. Great coffee can be produced by a person or a machine with equal artistry and sensory fulfilment. Pragmatism will become the order of the day as the misery of choice subsides.
  3. The rise in demand for contactless transactions. Some people will want to socialise yet be fearful of the potential danger associated with doing so.
  4. Working from home/COVID-19 fatigue. The novelty of that trend captured the imagination of youth as it promoted flexibility, trust, empowerment and, to some extent, even freedom? I like the idea of dressing up, going out to work, meeting colleagues and clients, travelling and sharing meals across the globe. 
  5. A rise in sustainable practices. And, in this new narrative, people will focus on the end product, more on the substance and less on the form. Electric cars, digital currencies and super traditional coffee equipment will be the order of the day.

Humanity will continue to strive, determined to not be defeated by a spineless bug, allow their espresso to reach parts that zoom… could never touch.

This article was first published in the January/February 2022 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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