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Eversys Group Commercial Director Kamal Bengougam predicts the next step

Kamal Bengougam

While 2020 proved no crystal ball is accurate, GCR invited industry leaders to share their hopes, ambitions, and predictions for 2021, in what is likely to be a defining year for the international coffee market.

I think the uncertainty around COVID-19 will continue to affect our world in 2021. Political and economic attitudes and decisions will not be stable as our reality evolves at a slow pace.

Global political turmoil will continue to dominate the agenda. The axis of power could shift towards the East, potentially creating some critical tensions in most regions. 

The economical impact of COVID-19 will begin to make a strong impact on global economies. Increases in unemployment and the demise of many businesses will put additional burdens on already fragile national budgets.

The rise of nationalism will also challenge the travel industry as well as the ‘global village’ perspective, creating smaller markets and therefore inhibiting economic growth.

Specific to our industry, I predict the Ho.Re.Ca market will continue to be challenged as the travel industry will be limited and social restrictions maintained. Growth will come through innovation, being flexible and imaginative enough to adapt to a ‘new reality’ as opposed to a return to ‘old ways’.

Restaurants and hotels will return to work on lower customer footprints. This will lead to a rise in retail pricing and put pressure on people’s pockets and access to social transactions. 

Coffee shops will need to prioritise profitability, enact stronger financial procedures, re-imagine their value proposition, introduce greater technology, and reduce labour costs. 

We will see the emergence of bespoke customisation with the ability to provide customers with tailored equipment and integrated controls. Competitive differentiation will be important as the market shrinks and competition increases.

The emphasis will be on values. Sustainability, environmental protection, emotional intelligence and engagement will become a core part of business thinking.

At Eversys, innovation is and has always been a fundamental value. We view this paradigm shift as an opportunity to provide customers with more compelling, bespoke equipment – machines designed and fit for purpose. 

We will continue developing and improving our products to reflect our new reality. Quality will be maintained, connectivity enhanced, and design and functionality will be adapted to what customers really need and want.

We will evolve towards digital platforms yet keep people at the centre of our thinking. We will aim for continued and intelligent growth, and the coffee will always taste great, anywhere, anytime.

Written by Kamal Bengougam, Group Commercial Director of Eversys.

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