Eversys launches the Cameo c’2

Eversys has launched its most advanced espresso machine to date – the Cameo c’2. The Swiss manufacturer’s new machine is a step-change for super-automation, further bridging the gap between traditional and super-automatic technology with a new design, functionality and exceptional coffee quality. Cameo is the first Eversys machine to feature the classic ‘C shape’ of traditional espresso machines, inspired by Italian traditional design. The new design allows operators to match their machine to their brand’s identity, with three colours available; ‘Earth’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Tempest’. Cameo features the most advanced Eversys technology to date, including a new touch-screen interface, designed for intuitive navigation, ease-of-use and simple temperature control. Its sophisticated electronic milk texturing (EMT) system, allows operators to create the perfect milk foam and texture, for a comprehensive menu of bespoke milk-based drinks. An improved e’Foam system with the micro air dosing system (MAD), allows baristas to texture milk electronically giving them freedom to be more creative. Other new features include: New generation modular system: the modularity construction has been improved to allow quicker maintenance and ease of use. Lower chassis: Cameo has a reduced footprint compared to the existing Eversys e’ range, which helps to promote greater customer engagement. Variable Tea Temperature system: offers operators variable water temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted from the screen’s hot water wheel, so different types of tea always have a perfect infusion. Integrated cup heater: found on top of the Cameo chassis, boasts a 50-cup capacity. A larger bean hopper: a 2.4 kilogram capacity for one grinder, or two times 1.2 kilogram for two grinders incorporated inside the casing. The Eversys early warning system alerts operators when to refill their hoppers.  High productivity: 175 espresso, 175 cappuccino or 150 hot water portions an hour, as well as two products simultaneously. Barista Hustle Founder, Matt Perger, who worked with Eversys engineers to test Cameo before its launch, said: “It's really hard to make high quality coffee in a small space. This is why most super-automatic machines are tall, clumsy monoliths. The engineers at Eversys have used their expertise and experience to fit all of the proven technology from their previous machines into a smaller, shorter shell. I've never seen a high quality fully automatic coffee machine with all the bells and whistles in such a small and familiar shape. “Until now, there haven't been any super-automatic machines that both look and perform like a traditional machine. The industry has been conditioned to look at a super-automatic form factor and instantly think ‘low quality’. Now they'll have to do a double take.” Kamal Bengougam, Chief Commercial Officer at Eversys, said: “The Cameo truly pushes the boundaries of super-automation. For so long, the super-automatic market has had the technology, but hasn’t had the visual style that so many customers look for. Now, there’s a machine that provides quality products and has the classic looks to match. “Cameo is at the forefront of technology and design and shows our pioneering spirit here at Eversys. It’s the first credible solution for both consistent quality and visual appeal, and offers customers lower labour costs and incredible efficiency. We’re entering a new era for coffee, and Cameo c’2 is leading the way.” Cameo c’2 also features developments of existing Eversys coffee technology including: e’Barista system: with grinding, tamping, temperature control, extraction time controlled brewing, milk frothing and dispensing, the e’Barista system brings all the skill of a barista into a machine ensuring quality in the cup. e’Connect technology: the leading-edge telemetry system lets operators track live data on their machine, control performance, manage decentralised stores, ensure transparency and allows for preventive maintenance, wherever they are in the world.

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