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Eversys has been building its presence in the UK and Ireland since 2017, and its customers across the region are noticing big changes in the workplace.

Swiss espresso machine manufacturer Eversys has been making machines with an eye for the future since 2009. The company has extended its operations overseas as a result, with the aim to increase its presence and support its partners to thrive in their respective markets.

Independent specialty coffee roaster and coffee chain, 200 Degrees, is one such customer that has evolved with Eversys by its side.

Each 200 Degrees location in the United Kingdom, including Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester and Liverpool, to name a few, ranges from 60 to 100 seats in high footfall locations, with a mix of drink-in and takeaway customers.

“Creating the perfect cup of coffee takes care and expertise, and like all busy hospitality businesses, we struggled to achieve a consistent result at peak times on traditional machines while maintaining an acceptable speed of service,” says 200 Degrees Co-founder and Director Tom Vincent.

“Passing a large proportion of this labour over to Eversys allows us to ensure that not only the espresso extraction is accurate every time with perfectly steamed milk, but also it is produced with a reduced wait time for the customer.”

Every 200 Degrees shop has two Eversys Enigma E4M machines, and some with additional Shotmaster models. The E4M can produce up to 350 espresso shots per hour at 23 seconds of extraction time, as well as 170 hot water products per hour. Baristas can produce four products at once when handling the machine. The Shotmaster can work with up to eight products simultaneously while producing up to 700 espresso shots per hour.

Vincent adds that Eversys’ professionalism and service extends beyond the cup, with the added advantage of having its own nationwide team of engineers to assist with any servicing needs.

“Because Eversys have their own engineers, we have found that everything has become far more efficient,” he says.

The most notable differences in 200 Degrees’ shop operations, according to Vincent, can be seen during rush hour each morning, which is no longer a stressful time, but an opportunity for baristas to focus on the art of hospitality and service.

“Peak times have become more manageable without needing extra staff on shift, as the machines can just step up a gear when required without any drop in quality,” he says.

“[We used to] place a couple of our more experienced baristas on site for the first few weeks to assist with workflow and to maintain standards, but the Eversys machines negate a lot of this need and allow for a new team to settle in far quicker without the stress of manually making coffees.”

Eversys’ UK and Ireland headquarters was established in 2017, having previously operated under the name Everetec. Managing Director Deryck Gaffney says the decision to join Eversys was a no- brainer, with the quality of its machines leaving a lasting impression.

“I have been working with coffee machines for over three decades, but Eversys’ machines were the first to make me go ‘wow’ when I opened the lid of one of the e’line machines for the first time, and our engineers felt the same way,” he says.

Gaffney notes the self-service specialty coffee solution differs between the UK and Ireland.

“While both markets demand quality products and a great in-cup experience, the standard UK ‘man in the street’ has become accustomed to pressing a button on a large brown box in a small petrol station on the side of the road to get great coffee,” he says.

In contrast, Gaffney says Irish customers appreciate a visible coffee-making display, preferring to see an espresso machine on a shop counter and beans in grinder hoppers. This, Gaffney says, is the way the Irish identify a better coffee experience.

“Eversys can be found in both of these formats,” he says. “In Ireland, it’s hard not to find an Eversys machine on a counter in a food court or a convenience store.”

He adds that Eversys’ Enigma range, including the Classic and 4’s, has become popular in the UK and Ireland due to its ability to blend traditional and automatic coffee-making elements to create up to four products at the same time, and produce 350 espresso shots per hour.

“[Our customers] are very happy with the range, mostly because of its reliability,” says Gaffney. “With Eversys, the quality starts great and ends great.”

In the UK, Gaffney says Eversys customers prefer machines with a two- step option such as the Shotmaster that gives complete autonomy to the user for steaming and milk texturing.

Gaffney says Eversys UK and Ireland was first sought after by chains that recognised that training staff to make coffee on a traditional machine was an expense to the business. He notes the focus and interest over the past four years however, has come from specialty coffee customers that realised the in-cup quality of the machines is on par with top barista’s espresso.

“The fact that our machines self-diagnose each coffee and milk product while fine- tuning itself has helped customers scale their businesses, as they know the machine will look after the product consistency and will alert the service technician of any intervention that is needed. That is the secret of Eversys’ technology,” he says.

“When you’ve got people working in a pub who aren’t trained in the world of coffee, having a machine that cleans itself once you press a button has been a huge game-changer.”

Eversys UK and Ireland Sales Director Martin Morrell adds that the physical presence of the brand in both countries has been imperative to gaining customer trust.

“With the size of the market, we felt we needed a direct service across the country,” he says.

“An Eversys machine can last over 10 years. Because of that, we have become a part of each of our clients’ journeys. We often say that once you switch to an Eversys system, you can make a lot more coffees by the hour,” he says.

The Eversys UK and Ireland team will demonstrate this idea, along with the key functionalities and convenience of the Legacy, Cameo, and Enigma ranges at the National Convenience Show in Birmingham in April.

“It’s the first time we have participated in a show dedicated to the convenience sector,” Morrell says. “We are looking to showcase what we believe is best-in-class.”

Expansion in the UK and Ireland is a key priority for Eversys, which Gaffney says becomes simpler once customers see for themselves how its machines and after-sales service work.

“[The UK] is a very densely populated area, so we are able to be very responsive to the requirements of our customers,” he says. “We value each member of our team and consider our field technicians to be our assets.
We are continuing to install machines in restaurants and coffee chains throughout the country while providing market-leading after-sales service. Our year-on-year growth is a testament to the product and the team.

“We are looking to reach restaurants and coffee chains throughout the country so we can produce and provide a high-class service.”

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This article was first published in the March/April 2024 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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