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In October 2017, Eversys launched its most advanced espresso machine to date, the c’2 Cameo. The Swiss manufacturer – already respected worldwide for its e’series of machines – pushed the boundaries of super automation to a new level. The machine bridged the gap between traditional and super-automatic technology. In design, it featured the classic C shape, seen in the finest traditional machines. In functionality, it impressed with its exceptional coffee thanks to a modulation design, which is traditional at its core, and super automatic underneath. The machine is a step-change for automation and the wider coffee industry. As such, Eversys wanted to take the c’2 Cameo to some of the most exciting and emerging coffee events on the global calendar. The Cameo Roadshow saw the Eversys team, along with brand ambassador and champion barista Matt Perger, take the c’2 Cameo to Hoteres in Tokyo, Hotelex in Shanghai, the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, the Vietnam Café Show, World of Coffee in Amsterdam, and Pir in Moscow. At each stop of the worldwide roadshow, Eversys and Matt gave visitors a hands-on masterclass, demonstrating exactly what the machine can do and how to get the very best out of it. “It’s all been a great success. Going on a roadshow with a new product, facing a mix of people, and really becoming a disruptive force in the market has been a brilliant experience,” Kamal Bengougam, Chief Commercial Officer at Eversys says. “The market response has been really positive, and the machine has made a lot of baristas think. During his talk in Moscow, Matt said a line that I remember vividly: ‘Automation can be an enriching experience, not a curse, transforming a barista’s role from a factory worker with an apron into something greater’.” Matt says for him, the experience has affirmed what he set out to achieve in the c’2 Cameo – a super-automatic machine that pits a traditional machine. “For me one of the greatest signs of success has been people coming to our stand for their morning coffee after they discovered us on the first day, and saw that some of the best coffee at the show is actually being made on the Eversys stand with a super-automatic machine,” he says. Away from the roadshow, customers around the world are embracing this next-generation espresso machine. Just a quick flick through Eversys’ Instagram account reveals comment after comment of excited, happy, and sometimes surprised Cameo users. “The machine is an awakening of coffee power,” one post reads. “Cameo is cool, interesting, and frankly amazing,” reads another. “The super-automatic revolution is here. Baristas of the world, you are finally free,” posts a third. “To make the perfect cup of coffee you need to be able to control all variables. This is possible with the Cameo, and that’s why we love it.” The c’2 Cameo is right at home in cafés, offices, hotels, and roasteries. One recent customer is Seven Miles, a specialty coffee roaster based in Australia. Seven Miles has been on the coffee scene for 50 years. Dr Adam Carr, Head of the Seven Miles Coffee Science and Research Centre, says investing into “generation automation” is the next step in the industry’s evolution. “Five years ago, there was a focus on manual intervention in terms of espresso extraction. Now, the technology is focused on consistency, and automation plays a major part in that, keeping things consistent shot after shot,” Carr says. “The Eversys Cameo is basically a studio apartment for a tiny barista. It houses within a grinding and dosing system that self-monitors and self-calibrates: grinding, dosing, and tamping coffee in a similar way to a barista in a shop. The machine pours a couple of test shots (each morning and on-demand) to test whether the grind size is appropriate for the recipe. Then, on demand, a shot of espresso is freshly ground, tamped, and pulled within 45 seconds – in a similar time to your typical café. “It’s important to remember, though, machines can’t taste. You need somebody with the ability to taste and judge to make sure things do stay consistent. So, even in generation automation, there’s still a need for the barista. It’s just their role that’s changing.” This is the core of the Eversys message. Super-automation and the Cameo aren’t here to remove the need for baristas, they are here to free them up to do the things they should enjoy most: the human, experiential side of coffee. As Matt Perger explains in his The Evolution of Coffee Craft blog series, found on the Eversys website, the more mundane manual tasks – such as tamping – should be left to a machine. This creates consistency. “People are exceptional at tasks that require finesse, emotion, and reasoning. There is absolutely no part of the tamping process that requires these skills,” Matt says. Even a world champion barista isn’t capable of getting all the manual elements of coffee making 100 per cent right every time, but a machine can. This lets the barista perfect the wider coffee experience and improve customer service in a major way. So, with the c’2 Cameo producing a consistent coffee quality that rivals that of the best cafés, what does the future have in store for Eversys and the wider coffee market? “We’ve still not seen the full potential of this machine. Often people using it aren’t completely familiar with it, but with time they’ll be able to improve their calibrations and take the quality of the coffee even further,” Eversys’ Bengougam explains. “Our team of engineers, alongside input and insight from Matt Perger, are always developing improvements to the software within the machine. Our goal is to make everyone capable of producing the finest coffee possible. With baristas free to improve the wider customer experience, this will mean a future full of better coffee around the world.” For more information, visit

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