Face masks made of coffee produced in Vietnam

Vietnamese company ShoeX has launched AirX, the world’s first face masks made from Vietnamese coffee, which is antibacterial, reusable and biodegradable.

“AirX is not just a recommendation to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but preserve the planet as well,” ShoeX Founder Thanh Le says.

The disposal of face masks and medical waste during the COVID-19 pandemic is putting increasing pressure on the environment. According to ShoeX, during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mainland China, 116 million tonnes of masks were consumed every day. Especially during the peak of the outbreak, hospitals in Wuhan released about 240 tonnes of medical waste every day. Most of Hong Kong’s 7.4 million people have for weeks been putting on single-use face masks every day in the hope of warding off the coronavirus.

“The face mask deserves to have a longer life than just one-time use. Eco-friendliness, according to us, is not the only selling point of AirX because we all need to take it by default, as a proactive step towards cleaner living habits,” Le says.

AirX are antimicrobial face masks with 99.99 per cent dual antibacterial technology for two layers of protection. The first layer is woven from coffee yarn using PowerKnit technology, providing a comfortable fit but softness for sensitive skin. The face mask has a biodegradable filter inside, which is developed by silver nanotechnology and coffee. The mask is washable and reusable while its filter does not need to be washed but can be replaced after 30 days.

AirX has obtained the AATCC 100 certification – the textile industry’s standard for antimicrobial fabric performance in the United States – from QUATEST 3.

“For the next development, we have successfully embedded technology in producing recycled AirX coffee mask with N95 feature, the product will be launched soon to the demanding market,” Le says.

“The best thing about AirX is being the first step to deliver a healthy solution with 100 per cent vegan components that everyone can buy. It is not too difficult or expensive to start being mindful of our consumption habits for environmentally friendly, natural, and green products. With current resources, AirX can supply to mass production with quantity up to 10,000 masks daily, associated with high demand rate for face masks globally.”

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