Fairtrade America certifies 84 new products

Fairtrade America

Fairtrade America has certified 84 new products from 16 brands which will be launched in the United States as consumer awareness for sustainable products continues to grow.

“Every new brand that chooses Fairtrade certification is bringing the global movement a step closer to sustainable livelihoods and thriving futures for farmers and workers,” says Amanda Archila, Executive Director of Fairtrade America.

“We’re thrilled to welcome so many new partners. Each one helps fill the growing demand among US consumers for sustainable products and build a greater market for the producers we’re striving to support.”

Metropolis Coffee Company is one of the brands recently certified by Fairtrade.

“We don’t want to just check a box with our certifiers, we want to affect positive benefits for producers, and that’s why we decided to switch to Fairtrade America as our certifier,” says Tony Dreyfuss, Founder of Metropolis Coffee Company.

Brands with Fairtrade certification communicate to shoppers that product ingredients were sourced in line with rigorous social, economic and environmental standards set by the organisation.

Other companies recently certified include Twiga Coffee, BUBS Naturals, Moka Origins and Three Keys Coffee.

The newest members of Fairtrade America’s community of brand partners are joining a network of more than 2500 companies selling over 37,000 products with the Fairtrade logo worldwide.

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