Fairtrade International coffee sales up

Fairtrade International has reported an increase of 8 per cent in sales of its certified coffee over the last year. Consumer sales of all Fairtrade’s certified products hit US$7 billion in 2013, with coffee, sugar, bananas and flowers experiencing the most significant growth. The strongest growth markets were in the US, India and Kenya. India and Kenya join South Africa as Fairtrade producer countries with rapidly growing sales of Fairtrade products in their own markets, the company has reported. According to Fairtrade International, the growth will allow the company to invest in a number of far-reaching initiatives for more people at the end of the supply chain. “We’re matching growth in the market with new approaches to deepen impact for farmers and workers,” said Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive of Fairtrade International, in a statement. The organisation said it has also invested in a more rigorous impact monitoring system.

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