Fairtrade International introduces Standard for hired labour

Fairtrade International has introduced their Standard for Hired Labour, marking an important step in the organisation’s effort to extend its work beyond Fairtrade Premium projects and basic labour rights protection. The Fairtrade International Standards Unit travelled the globe to meet with more than 400 workers in 14 countries to develop the new document. They also interviewed close to 170 management representatives from Fairtrade certified plantations and factories, and received more than 120 written responses from certified producer groups, traders, retailers, unions, Non-Government Organisations, and Fairtrade member organisations. The result is a new Hired Labour Standard based on the principles of the workers’ rights strategy, but grounded firmly in the daily reality of Fairtrade workers across three continents. The Fairtrade Hired Labour Standard applies to organisations producing flowers and plants, fresh fruit and vegetables, tea, herbs and herbal teas, and sports balls. The Standard has requirements on freedom of association, benchmarks for companies working towards the living wage, provisions for the use of migrant labour and giving workers the power to decide on how the Fairtrade Premium is invested. The full Standard can be viewed on Fairtrade International’s website.

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