Fairtrade to target Indian market

After 19 years of certifying Indian farmers’ produce for sale on the international market, Fairtrade is now marketing Indian undefined

products directly to Indian consumers.

There are now 121,400 workers and farmers working with Fairtrade in India, with 72 Fairtrade certified producer organisations, exporting Fairtrade certified products around the world.

Homegrown Indian brands are now available providing Fairtrade rice, tea, coffee, spices and cotton for Indian consumers and businesses.

A range of wholesale Fairtrade products are available, including cotton, coffee, rice, sugar, spices, dried fruit, cocoa and coconut, among others. 

“We are excited about the launch of Fairtrade because it provides an innovative opportunity for ethical businesses like ours to credibly demonstrate our commitment and to create tangible positive impact on cotton farmers and workers' lives,” said Sreeranga Rajan, the CEO of Dibella India, which offers products made from Fairtrade certified cotton. “We strongly believe that Indian consumers are ready to exercise their power and act as change agent through their daily purchases.”

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