Fazenda Samambaia soars in Sancoffee Best SanCup competition

Sancoffee Best SanCup

Some of Brazil’s finest sustainable coffee producers have been celebrated at the fourth edition of the Sancoffee ‘Best SanCup’ competition, held on 6 November.

Producer Henrique Dias Cambraia of Fazenda Samambaia scored the highest in both competition categories, scoring 87.41 in the induced fermentation and 86.53 in the natural category.

Every harvest, Sancoffee – a specialty coffee cooperative with a focus on social and environmental impact – organises the Best SanCup to unveil some of the best coffees and recognise the work of growers located in Brazil’s Campo das Vertentes region.

“The Best SanCup is one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the year for our cooperative producers and partners, and in this fourth edition of the competition, we can see the evolution in the quality of the coffees, and feel in the cup the result of the consistent work that our producers are doing year after year,” says Ana Claudia Silva, Best SanCup Project Manager.

“This year, we selected the 15 best coffees of the harvest, including natural and experimental processes, from a diverse group of producers, and each lot brings the best of what we have in Campo das Vertentes.”

This year, more than 60 samples were submitted and 15 lots were selected for the international phase, comprising three categories: naturals, pulped and fermented.

The competition comprises two stages: a national phase with invited judges in Brazil and an international jury panel from 20 different nationalities whose scores indicate the winners and final ranking.

The company says this year’s auction lots represent the best of Sancoffee’s diversity – from small producers to long-term co-op members, female-produced coffees, and young and aspiring producers to very experienced farmers.

The online auction of the lots will take place on 22 November.



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