Final call for GCR leaders Symposium tickets at MICE

Melbourne International Coffee Expo

The final remaining tickets for the GCR Leaders Symposium from 13 to 14 May at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) are selling fast.

With each session almost at max-capacity, MICE Event Organisers are encouraging final ticket purchases before a sold-out event.

For the full list of sessions and presenters, click here.

“The Australian coffee market may be separated by distance to various markets making bold decisions, but we’re certainly not exempt from it,” says GCR Managing Editor and Event Moderator Sarah Baker.

“At MICE, we will dive into two key themes on the two trade days of the Expo, digging deep into the topics that matter to the Australian coffee industry, and listening to key market leaders about their experiences and knowledge that can benefit those in attendance.”

The sessions will discuss the impact of the European Union’s deforestation regulations, opportunities to do business in Asia, and the future of packaging solutions.

Roasters are invited to book their ticket to reserve their spot at the Breakfast Series, which will then permit early entry into the MICE show floor.

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