Fiorenzato’s perfect grind

Since the company was founded in 1936, Fiorenzato has been striving to be a leader in the coffee grinder-doser industry. When he was just 26 years old, Pietro Fiorenzato founded his own company in Mestre, in north Italy, just outside Venice. While Fiorenzato had already gained specific experience collaborating with one of the few coffee grinder-doser factories existing at the time, this new business was where he blended his passion and his strong inclination to offer the best. From the very beginning, the company’s purpose was to attain the perfect balance of quality and innovation. The company expanded over time but, in 2005, the founder’s two grandsons – Manuel and Christian Oddera – decided to bring about a significant change in the company by concentrating more on research and the application of technology. As a result of this shift, in recent years Fiorenzato has focused on developing functions and devices based on advanced electronics and high quality components. This renewed focus has led to exponential growth in the sale of the company’s electronic coffee grinders-dosers and once again reinforced the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. “A truly excellent quality coffee must be processed to perfection right from the start,” Manuel Oddera tells Global Coffee Report. “Naturally, the first delicate and essential stage is roasting. The coffee beans are then packaged and sent to thousands of bars and restaurants, where they are freshly ground, and coffee is prepared and served.” And that is where Fiorenzato comes in, Oddera says. “One of the most important stages is grinding, as it is the moment when the coffee beans become powder: this must be fine and uniform, always consistent and with no variation in texture – only in this way can coffee provide its fragrance and unique taste.” The company is continuing to expand its offering in the coffee grinder-dosers sector and has seen its turnover increase by more than 20 per cent in recent years. This push has also given Fiorenzato an international profile, with the company’s coffee grinder-dosers now exported all over the world, with a significant market presence in the United States, Australia, and South Korea.
The key to the success of Fiorenzato’s grinders has been in the quality of their performance under the most strenuous conditions, Oddera says. “Fiorenzato coffee grinder-dosers offer the best even under extreme operating conditions when coffee consumption is very high,” he says. “In addition to constant monitoring of grinding, ease of use, reliable performance ,and durability over time, all of which are factors that have strengthened the trademark on an international scale, these products have an elegant design that makes them stand out in the most exclusive bars and restaurants. This important feature, combined with low operating noise, makes Fiorenzato coffee grinders and grinder-dosers valuable work tools for all professionals in the bar sector. This all-round guarantee is the outcome of longstanding experience and ongoing research into technologies and aesthetic appeal.” With an offering of more than 30 different grinder-dosers, Fiorenzato has created a range that can suit the needs of any coffee business. The range includes electronic grinder-dosers, coffee grinders including models with titanium grinders, conical grinders, or flat grinders, as well as models with highly advanced electronic functions and their much simpler counterparts. Among other recent innovations brought into being by Fiorenzato are electronic coffee grinders and coffee grinder-dosers with titanium mills, which provide extreme resistance and robustness. In the G-Titanium line, thanks to new technologies, Fiorenzato has created special steel mills covered with titanium to guarantee longer life than traditional mills, making grinding even more incisive. Fiorenzato’s top-of-the-line F71 EK XGR has combined all of the learning of the company’s many decades in the industry with the latest technology available in the field, including innovations being brought to market exclusively by Fiorenzato. The XGR models are also all fitted with a calibration plate with an innovative automatic weighing calibration system. This calibration plate also works in conjunction with RFID technology that automatically recognises whether a single or double filter holder cup is being used.
“The XG and XGR coffee grinder-dosers have numerous exclusive patents and are the only ones that can grind coffee according to its weight rather than by preset times as all other grinders do,” Christian Oddera says. “Internal scales on the plate that weigh out the coffee in grams are an exclusive feature on the global market of coffee grinder-dosers. “The grinder is automatically calibrated every day in under a minute including the in-built scales and container.” The drive towards innovation has allowed Fiorenzato to manufacture state-of-the-art products and solutions for all grinding needs in the bar sector. Another example of the company’s technical innovation is the revolutionary Inverter system, with its exclusive company patent, which transfers technology for industrial grinders to ones for bars. “The system is made compact to avoid increasing the size of the coffee grinder, ensuring absolute precision and consistency for grinding, reducing motor consumption, operating noiselessly, and showing exceptional reliability even when in operation for a long time,” Oddera says. Anticipating the times and being the first to offer the solutions the market demands is a company strategy that has also led to the use of touch-screen displays with CapSense technology, now with a bigger and more intuitive full-colour display and virtual keys instead of real ones. This design feature was chosen specifically to suit a sector where the keyboard is under continuous stress for many hours, which provides extraordinary results in terms of efficiency, resistance, and durability over time. The display also shows statistics on coffee consumption and wear monitoring for the grinders. “These innovations simply confirm the philosophy of Fiorenzato: to offer the easiest to use, most efficient, most beautiful and most robust coffee grinder-dosers on the market,” Oddera says. GCR

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