First African farmer-owned coffee reaches UK stores

Blue Turaco, the first African farmer-owned coffee brand in the United Kingdom, has arrived in 99 stores across the country with its 100 per cent specialty Ugandan Robusta coffee.

The Ugandan Robusta, which is graded and roasted by UK award-winning baristas, has a strong, smooth, and nutty flavour, while naturally containing double the amount of caffeine as arabica coffee.

“The coffee industry has largely focused on speciality Arabica, neglecting its cousin, Robusta, which as its name suggests, is a more hardy bean,” says Sande. “Now, the speciality coffee market is waking up to the incredible flavours of well-grown Robusta with new roasting techniques to unlock the amazing flavours. It makes for a delicious, perfect cup of coffee.”

Blue Turaco will now be going into co-op stores as part of the group’s accelerated support program, ‘The Apiary’, which supports and mentors innovative and values-led smaller suppliers.

“We are delighted to see Blue Turaco on our shelves – we believe that the values-led and innovative food and drink suppliers that we support through our Apirary programme offer a real point of difference to interest, enthuse and excite Co-op Members and customers in our communities,” says Co-op Buying Manager Kelly Orme.

Every pack of Blue Turaco coffee purchased will fund two meals for a Ugandan school child.

The company’s founder, Wycliffe Sande, grew up in Uganda picking coffee, which helped fund his school fees. Sande says this is why so much of the company goes towards helping local farmers.

“Although there’s plenty of African-grown coffee on the UK’s shelves, no retail brand is owned by an African coffee farmer with a social mission like ours,” says Sande. “Our tagline of Powerful Coffee, Powerful Impact shows the community impact at the core of Blue Turaco.

“Our vision is to create a model where coffee truly pays in farming communities.”

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