First Costa Rican coffee private estate auction

Exclusive Coffee

Held on 24 June, Exclusive Coffees from Costa Rica, and Sensible Development from the United Kingdom are partnering together to celebrate Costa Rican coffee producers by auctioning nano-lots of coffee on Sensible Development’s online auction platform.

Nano-lots will be auctioned as way to elevate Costa Rican Coffee and highlight the aroma and land where the coffee comes from.

The event honours more than 200 years of coffee production history in Costa Rica and was inspired and organised by these Costa Rican coffee producers and their families.

The auction seeks to not only promote a variety of coffee flavours but to celebrate the families that produce them and their new generations.

The auction will contain 40 coffees, all with cupping scores above 88 points. The coffees will be judged and selected by a panel of three Q Graders while being observed by three independent producers.

Cupping will be held in Portland, United States. on 18 and 19 of May with further cuppings to be arranged in New York, Liverpool in the United Kingdom, Tokyo in Japan, Seoul in Korea, and Taipei in Taiwan.

The coffees will be split into Classic and Exotic coffee categories with each coffee having one to four boxes (22.9 kilograms each) available to purchase. Of the coffees available, there are four processes used: Natural, Honey, Anaerobic and Washed.

The coffee process will be regulated by third-party auditing and sample coding with three Observing Coffee Producers overseeing the process. This aims to ensure traceability and transparency from sample to shipping.

Exclusive Coffees is an active member within the Alliance of Coffee Excellence and in the annual Cup of Excellence Cost Rica Auction. The brand seeks to develop direct relationships between roasters and importers across the globe.

Sensible Development is a provider of Speciality Auctions Platforms to coffee producers in South and Central America and in Eastern Africa. Through the platform, it seeks to facilitate trade between coffee farmers and international buyers through its database and large social media presence.

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