Flavour of India competition winners announced

Each year the Coffee Board of India (CBI) invites applications from the coffee growers of India for the annual cupping competition, The Flavor of India -The Fine Cup Award. The competitions is held for Arabica (washed/unwashed), Robusta (washed/unwashed), and the Specialty coffees of  Arabica and Robusta.  The outstanding coffees from the national level are chosen for the final cupping by the internationally jury consisting of eminent cup tasters from different countries. In this, the 12th year of competition, the CBI received a total of 221 coffee samples.  Out of these, 40 samples were selected for cup quality evaluation by the international jury in the finals held at Nice, France on the eve of SCAE World of coffee prestigious three-day event held in June. The winner of Best Arabica was the Pedabayalu Estate’s Arabica Plantation SLN-4. The Poabs Estates’ Organic Arabica SLN-9 took out the Best Specialty Arabica prize, while the prize for the Best Specialty Robusta went to Harley B Estates’ Old Robusta. The Best Robusta category was won by Margolly Estates’ Robusta Parchment AB. The full details of the winners in all categories and regions can be found on CBI’s website:

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