Flavourtech Integrated Extraction System

Flavourtech’s Integrated Extraction System (IES) is a continuous, automated processing line that allows manufacturers to produce premium aromas, extracts, and concentrates for instant coffee and ready-to-drink tea and coffee markets. Built as a modular system, the IES can be inserted into existing process lines as required to make gradual improvements or installed in its entirety to form a continuous process line, allowing aroma recovery, extraction, and concentration in one simple-to-operate system.

The IES has been designed to minimise flavour loss during processing by capturing the flavour of the raw material prior to it being subjected to high temperatures. The fresh roasted aroma of ground coffee or light varietal tea flavour notes are captured at their peak, early in the process, and added to the concentrated extract at the end. The result is a premium product that satisfies today’s discerning customers, thereby increasing sales and profits.

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