Flavourtech Small-Scale Aroma Recovery

Aroma Recovery

The newest member of Flavourtech’s Spinning Cone Column (SCC) family, the SCC100, is ideal for research and development applications or small production runs.

This model is now in part two of its release with a slurry-capable model.

Processing slurries of milled roast coffee beans and water is proven to recover premium coffee aroma compared to liquid coffee extracts.

This is because the aroma is captured when it’s at its freshest, and not post high-temperature extraction, as traditionally occurs within the coffee industry.

Flavourtech is a pioneer in the recovery of high-quality coffee aroma from slurries during the production of both instant and ready-to-drink products.

The SCC100, with a throughput of 25 to 115 litres per hour, now provides companies with the opportunity to discover new aroma profiles using smaller volumes.

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This article was first published in the January/February 2024 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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