Flexicon Tubular Cable Conveyors

The new tubular cable conveyor complements Flexicon’s established line of flexible screw conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems. Collectively, the lines convey virtually any bulk solid material in the most efficient manner possible. The conveyor moves materials using high-strength polymer discs, attached to a stainless steel or galvanised cable. Modular system components include tubing, drive wheel housings, tension wheel housings and discharges with and without valves. It also includes accessories for wet or dry cleaning, including CIP sanitising. The tubular cable conveyors are available in unlimited configurations. The conveyor is offered as a stand-alone system, or fully integrated with existing upstream and downstream equipment such as inlet hoppers, bag dump stations and bulk bag dischargers. Free testing is offered at Flexicon’s test laboratories on full-scale Tubular Cable Conveyors and upstream equipment that simulate customer processes. For more information contact or visit

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