FNC to compensate El Niño affected farmers

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has announced it will adopt a range of measures aimed at reducing the impact El Niño has on the income of Colombian coffee farmers. The FNC's Extension Service has conducted a study to assess the impact of El Niño, involving more than 7000 farms throughout Colombia's coffee-growing regions. The study, which addresses issues related to coffee quality, will be conducted again when the first harvesting period of the year begins. The FNC said that given that one of the most notorious effects of El Niño on Colombian coffee growing is the higher proportion of lower-quality beans, it will start compensating growers for such beans starting this week. To fulfil this goal, the FNC will publish the reference price of lower-quality beans on a daily basis. Additionally, the FNC will meet with the Colombian Government and municipal authorities to push forward issues related to restructuring loans in the country's worst affected regions, and to implement fertiliser support programs. The FNC has called on coffee growers who have been affected by El Niño to report their situation to the Local Committee for Emergency and Disaster Prevention and Attention (CLOPAD), in order to access government support. The FNC will call on the private sector to construct joint solutions to improve profitability for coffee growers. Starting this week, FNC CEO Roberto Vélez will visit all of Colombia's coffee-growing regions to present these measures and seek joint solutions that involve all stakeholders.

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