Franke Coffee Systems releases FoamMaster 800

Franke Coffee Systems has released the FoamMaster 800 (FM800), designed as a new premium-class standard in fully automatic coffee machines. The FM800 makes a wide range of drinks, from classic coffees to hot/cold milk foam beverages, all with foam consistency. Franke Coffee Systems said in a statement that it designed the FM800 to present baristas and restaurateurs with a tool to unleash their creativity. “This allows them to explore their own preferences and come up with unique creations,” the company said. “For example, the range of beverages can be adjusted at any time to suit seasonal trends or special occasions. The consistency and temperature of the milk foam can also be individually programmed for each specialty: from smooth to creamy, frothy to fine, stiff to thick. The FM800 quickly creates the perfect blend to crown any Coffee creation.” The FM800 has a sleek black exterior, and offers versatility with its beverage program operated using a customisable touchscreen. The integration of the 10.4-inch touchscreen is designed to make the FM800 easy to use, both in full-service and self-service mode. The range of beverages can be displayed in four different operating modes which allow the users to customise their display preferences by adjusting the menus, drink images (customer images are also possible), as well as the cup sizes and the flavours. The beverage selection can be designed to suit preferences for any season and can be chosen using the touchscreen. The FM800 facilities upselling through these mouthwatering visuals. The FM800 can be used to produce both hot and cold mixed beverages quickly and easily. From flavoured milk and coffee specialties, to fruity frappés, latte macchiatos, or a classic espresso. The system offers a milk processing system for hot and cold milk foam, a chocolate dispenser, and a flavour station with up to three different flavours. The FM800 was also designed with cleaning and care in mind. The 'Clean+Clever System' from Franke allows impeccable and easy cleaning in a short amount of time. The FM800 balances first-class enjoyment while ensuring compliance with HACCP, and operator friendliness through an automisation process. For more information visit

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