Franke CS to show off top-of-the line equipment at Melbourne International Coffee Expo

International leaders in automatic coffee machines, Franke Coffee Systems (CS), are eager to show their variety on offer at stand 49 at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo taking place from 23 – 26 May 2013 at the Melbourne Showgrounds. “With MICE there will be a lot of traditional espresso machines, and we wanted to take the opportunity to show the diversity of what we,” says David Downing, Oceania Sales Manager for Franke CS. “We have systems that complete a broad portfolio, that are suitable for any market segment – from office, conference, hotel, restaurant, QSR and more.” To start off at the lower end of the spectrum, Franke CS will be featuring its Franke H machine. This super-automatic coffee machine is ideal for small workplaces and hospitality, with a capacity of between 30 to 50 cups a day. Although compact, the machine can make two products at once. It’s easy to use, with a digital control panel and simple operating system. At the top of the automatic machine line-up will be the highly anticipated Franke Foam Master 800 (FM800). This is the latest premium offering not only from Franke, but among any automatic coffee machine manufacturer. From classical coffees, to warm and cold milk creations, the FM800 allows businesses to dispense a customer’s every wish into a cup. The revolutionary operating systems has touchscreen navigation, where businesses can adopt seasonable beverage offerings, and load images and advertising messages to match. As its name gives away, the foam quality and diversity of the FM800 is unprecedented. The machine offers “barista” quality milk at the touch of a button, with the additional ability to vary milk foam consistency and temperature, ranging from hot to cold, for the same product. The machine is also impressively easy to clean for a device offering such complex beverage options, and an attractive design in jet black, high gloss finish with a timelessly modern design.
Moving away from automatic machines, Franke CS will also take advantage of MICE to show off their traditional offerings. The S2, S9 and S40 lines range from simple and easy to use, to the most modern technology in typical Italian design. The Franke by La Spaziale is sure to be a highlight of the traditional range. The machines are made in Italy, in partnership with La Spaziale, espresso machine manufacturers known for their quality and respect for the espresso process. All Franke by La Spaziale models feature a special heat exchanger, heated by the steam component of the boiler. This leads to a greater level of temperature stability, causes considerably reduced lime build up, and results in an even more perfect espresso. The machines feature a natural pre-infusion system that takes the water pressure to the coffee cake exceptionally smoothly, bringing the aroma and crema to the cup. Visit Franke CS at stand 49 at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. For more details visit

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