Franke Digital Services

Thanks to Franke Coffee Systems’ new Digital Services, customers can connect their fleet and take control of their coffee business. The Swiss fully automatic coffee machine manufacturer now offers its customers the opportunity to monitor and manage their fleet to enhance profits, in-cup-quality and machine uptime. The services are available as web-based dashboards and thanks to its unique scalable and open architecture, allows cloud-to-cloud integration of value-add services such as third-party reportings, loyalty programs, and mobile payment. Customers get a clear view of their coffee machine fleet with key information on commercial and operational performance in areas such as sales, health status, and stock levels. Users can remotely steer the coffee machines, allowing them to operate faster and more cost-effectively. With two-way telemetry, Franke Digital Services allow users to change drink recipes and run promotions without the need for site visits. For more information, visit

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