Franke Iced Coffee Module addresses ‘tomorrow’s coffee trends’

Franke Coffee Systems says its new Iced Coffee Module gives customers the opportunity to easily offer new trend beverages.

The fully automatic manufacturer says anyone ordering a coffee beverage today is not just ordering a caffeinated beverage, but also a personal expression of lifestyle, indulgence, and variety. This trend and the customer’s demand for coffee drinks matching one’s lifestyle has now reached all forms of gastronomy.

It says identifying emerging trends and ensuring a quick and simple implementation for customers has always been an important driving force for Franke Coffee Systems. This is also the case with Franke's new Iced Coffee Module.

With this latest development, the Swiss company is taking the preparation of trendy cold coffee beverages to a completely new level, focused mainly on making the coffee business as simple and versatile as possible for the customers.

International coffee shop chains and owner-managed coffee bars together have made cold brew and iced coffee popular worldwide. Since cold coffee drinks have developed from the classic coffee on ice to various iced coffee drinks, with or without cold milk, milk foam and various flavors, cool coffee creations have established themselves in the beverage assortments. No matter whether a gas station, bakery, coffee shop or hotel bar, Franke Coffee Systems says iced coffee is developing from a seasonal specialty to a mainstream drink.

With the patented Fanke Iced Coffee Module, the standard range of hot drinks can be easily extended to include cold coffee drinks. High-quality cold coffee drinks are brewed hot from freshly ground beans and are immediatley chilled just before being dispensed into the cup. This considerably improves the in-cup quality of previously possible cold coffee or milk-based beverages, because now the coffee is cooled in addition to cold milk and milk foam. Thanks to Franke's innovative iQFlow technology, cold coffee drinks now have the optimum flavor and consistent in-cup quality. This results in a wide variety of new drinks, because iced coffee can now be served as cold coffee or in combination with milk, milk foam, and/or syrup.

Cold coffee drinks are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, not only among the young, urban target group. With Franke's patented technology, customers can adapt their product range to this new trend without having to invest a lot of time and effort in machinery or personnel and without sacrificing the high in-cup quality they are used to.

The Iced Coffee Module can be specified in the current models of the Franke A-line (A600-A1000) as well as the S700. It is positioned on the machine instead of the powder hopper. It can also be combined with the new Specialty Beverage Station, SB1200.

Thanks to the automatic connection to the existing cleaning processes, the Iced Coffee Module requires no additional or separate cleaning steps. Franke says top hygiene and fully automatic cleaning are thus always ensured.

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