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Franke IndividualMilk

Create vegan and dairy milk coffee beverages for your customers on the go, both from just one professional, fully automatic coffee machine footprint.

IndividualMilk Technology from Franke Coffee Systems guarantees that each mindful milk choice, dairy or non-dairy, is prepared free of any and all cross-contamination and residues, from storage through to cup.

Capture your share of the specialty coffee market and double the menu variety you can offer with this two-in-one solution from Franke Coffee Technologies. Available on both the standard and compact versions of the Franke Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200), IndividualMilk Technology prepares vegan and dairy beverages in one machine. Two separate FoamMaster systems prepare hot or cold milk for traditional coffee beverages, through to cold brew, iced coffee, or flavoured lattes. More variations are possible with iQFlow and the Iced Coffee Module.

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