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Franke IndividualMilk Technology

Franke IndividualMilk Technology

Franke Coffee Systems IndividualMilk Technology is a gamechanger for serving high-quality, full-flavoured hot and cold milk-based coffee specialties that clearly conform to and support customer expectations and choices. This new technology promises to re-create the self-serve coffee experience.

Available on the Franke Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200), IndividualMilk Technology is a two-in-one solution that guarantees each milk, or non-diary alternative, is absolutely free of all cross-contamination with other milk products. It ensures the integrity of each milk processed, keeping it free of any residues, from refrigerated storage through to beverage preparation and in-cup dispensing.

This means vegan milk is solely vegan, or diary milk is purely dairy, whether the customer chooses hot or cold beverages, traditional drinks with milk foam, iced coffee, or flavoured latte.

Combining the premium features Franke´s professional, fully automatic coffee machines are famous for with the IndividualMilk Technology presents an entirely new coffee experience to the industry.

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This article was first published in the January/February 2022 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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