Franke reveals A300 fully automatic and technical developments

At Host Milano in October, Franke Coffee Systems highlighted its developments in fully automatic coffee machines and Digital Services, which will be launched in 2020, to an international audience.

The Swiss company also updated its brand image using the new concept line “It’s all about the moment”. Franke says the new brand image underlines its decades of expertise and experience in the coffee sector, which enable Franke customers to offer their guests exceptional customer experiences and very special moments.

Franke aims to allow customers such as restaurateurs and hoteliers to fully concentrate on customer satisfaction without worrying about their machine or coffee quality.

“When customers can focus on meeting their guests’ rising needs and demands for enjoying a good cup of coffee and even exceed them, without having to worry about the technological features making it all possible, then we will have achieved our aim with our new brand promise,” says Patrick Koller, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Innovation Officer at Franke.

Franke’s new fully automatic machine, the A300, is an expansion of its A-line and offers the “highest coffee quality on a small footprint machine”. With three basic models and a modular design, the A300 represents an entry point into the world of professional fully automatic coffee machines for new customers.

Due to a patented heating system, different brewing temperatures can be set for different beverages, which Franke says makes for even better quality in the cup. The interactive eight-inch touchscreen makes operation incredibly simple. With up to 100 beverage options, the A300 offers a huge selection of beverages to satisfy even the most demanding of guests.

With the presentation of its Digital Services 2.0. telemetry system, Franke also demonstrated the advantages of increased machine availability and central coffee machine management.

Other new presented at Host Milano take aim at current and future coffee trends. With Franke’s Iced Coffee Module, a standard range of hot beverages can be expanded to include chilled coffees. The system sees iced coffee brewed from freshly ground beans and cooled down immediately as required. Franke says this improves in-cup-quality since it’s not just the milk and milk foam that are chilled, but the coffee itself. The module can be installed in the current A-line models as well as the S700.

The new SB1200 Speciality Beverage Station further complements Franke’s cold coffee offering. Integrated Media Pump Modules make it possible to create cold brew beverages in addition to hot coffee beverages.

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