Franke unveils IndividualMilk Technology in SB1200


The new IndividualMilk Technology from Franke Coffee Systems guarantees consumer choices for milk alternatives are respected in full, even in self-serve locations.

Whether choosing from vegan milk, lactose-free milk, or dairy milk, for any coffee beverage, Franke’s IndividualMilk Technology guarantees each milk option remains free of cross-contamination. The two-in-one technology solution ensures the integrity of each milk processed, keeping it free of any residues, from refrigerated storage through to beverage preparation and in-cup dispensing.

Franke Coffee Systems says non-dairy and plant-based milks are now sought-after coffee essentials and the demand for trending coffee beverages that reliably comply with shared principles and practices is noticeably on the rise.

IndividualMilk Technology serves high-quality, full-flavoured hot and cold milk-based coffee specialties that conform to and support these consumer expectations and choices. Available on the Franke Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200),

Milk preparation of two milk varieties occurs within the same machine by processing each milk selection completely independently, from the corresponding milk storage containers through to the designated dispensing spouts. This means vegan milk is solely vegan, or dairy milk is purely dairy, whether the customer chooses hot or cold beverages, traditional drinks with milk foam, iced coffee, or a flavoured latte.

At the same time, the SB1200 frees discerning consumers from the need to a visit to a barista-run café. Together with IndividualMilk Technology, Franke says the SB1200 is the ideal coffee station for any consumer-centric setting where self-service beverages are in high demand, such as convenience stores and service stations, grocers, shopping malls, quick-service restaurants, transportation hubs, corporate headquarters, and industrial parks and facilities.

“The inclusion of IndividualMilk Technology in our SB1200 represents an outstanding opportunity for our customers. They can capitalise on, and grow within, a new market segment and improve profits by boosting footfall and cultivating customer loyalty,” says Marco Zancolò, CEO of Franke Coffee Systems.

“We’re excited to be able to provide a solution for respecting consumer-driven convictions for sustainability in environmental, health, and lifestyle practices. The moment consumers realise their values are shared and respected, that’s the moment when loyalty thrives. It also motivates them to let other likeminded members of their local network in on their discovery.”

Virtually doubling beverage capabilities within the exact same SB1200 footprint, system is augmented by the full complement of Franke’s premium performance solutions. Likewise, trusted Franke technology like FoamMaster, iQFlow, and the Iced Coffee Module ensure the operator experience remains reliable.

Franke’s CleanMaster technology is crucial to the successful implementation of IndividualMilk Technology and SB1200 performance. A guarantee for continued beverage quality and safety, CleanMaster is an integrated, fully automatic hygiene system designed for operator efficiency and residue-free processing systems. Enabling cleaning in place, without disassembly, preserves the integrity and purity of each milk variety on its separate pathway through the SB1200, from storage container through to dispensing spout.

“This revolutionary, new technology promises to re-create the self-serve coffee experience. Our customers and partners rely on us to listen to the market and create game-changing technology that ensures they are able to maximise their participation in the consumer experience,” states Zancolò.

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