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As a leading manufacturer of premium high volume coffee machines, Swiss company Franke knows that while it is presenting machines to do a person’s job, it is still the human touch that counts. That is why the company designs all its coffee machines with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces as the first port of call. “Franke is leading-edge in terms of usability with well-structured beverage menus and a versatile touchscreen user interface that performs in self-service and serviced use alike,” CEO of Franke Coffee Systems Thomas Meier tells Global Coffee Report. While it has its headquarters in Aarburg, Switzerland, Franke also has sub companies in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. “We are a global player and sell our machines in 80 countries. Our dealer network contains 320 global partners,” Meier says. Over its many years of experience creating premium super automatic coffee machines, Franke has learned that there are three attributes that are most important to consumers: in-cup quality, reliability and usability. “Franke believes and builds on our Swiss heritage,” Meier says. “Our research and development facility is a couple of metres away from production and with efficient and short paths we make sure that our products are not only state of the art, but one step ahead of the competition.” In order to live up to this heritage and deliver these attributes, Franke focuses on ensuring that its machines include four key features. The first of those is the machine’s user-friendliness, which is achieved, as Meier states, through the development of a seamless touchscreen user interface and menu structures that are built according to an intuitive and easy-to-navigate structure. Then there is the efficiency of the machine. This is not just restricted to the machine’s energy efficiency, though that is also a priority, Meier says, but also a recognition of the role the machines play in the environment they are designed for, whether that be a domestic or a commercial setting. “This means that they must be easy to clean, with simple order management and be easy to maintain and repair,” Meier says. Of course, the in-cup result is also one of Franke’s key priorities when designing its machines. “A Franke fully automated coffee machine is extremely simple to use: a single touch is all it takes to serve up wonderful barista coffee, milk creations, chocolate and tea,” Meier says. “The quick and easy preparation is unbeatable in self-service and food-service operations.” Finally there is the added benefit of increased connectivity. The connectivity functions included in Franke’s machines mean that users can go online to stay up to speed on beverage sale statistics and machine cleaning records. “Now that we have joined our machines up with the Internet of Things, tasks such as preventive maintenance, getting consumption statistics, and overseeing trends and quality control is never easier,” Meier says. The newest machine in Franke’s range, the A1000, is a shining example of how all of these qualities and attributes can be brought together in one machine. With an automatic dosing station for six various flavours, the A1000 is more flexible than ever in responding to peoples’ individual tastes. The machine also features a new intelligent cooling unit with two parallel cooling circuits to accommodate two different types of milk and deliver it with unrivalled quality thanks to Franke’s patented FoamMaster system for creating barista-quality milk at the touch of a button. The A1000’s built-in autaomatic cleaning system, the Cleanmaster, ensures that the machine is easily kept spotless all the time. Franke’s trademark user-friendly interface is also taken a step further in the A1000, with a touchscreen featuring high-definition video, sound and offering nutrition and allergen information about each beverage. And, of course, the A1000 features full connectivity options to give owners ease of access to crucial usage information and control over important functions. One step down from the A1000 is the A800, a capacity heavyweight that is designed to deliver high quantities of top-quality beverages in a flash. “If you need to brew a perfect espresso, foam some milk and prepare a hot tea all at the same time, the A800’s professional three-boiler system can handle this with ease,” Meier says. The machine also features Franke’s own FoamMaster technology, which means that even the basic model lets you whip up perfectly consistent cold and hot foams. “You can program foam quality for every beverage – from thin to thick – on a continuous scale,” Meier says. The A800 is an extremely flexible machine, providing a whole range of customisation options, depending on the requirements of the owner. The machine has multiple refrigeration options for the milk. “Whether you already have a refrigerator for milk or opt for Franke’s new 12-litre refrigeration unit, the A800 has got it covered,” Meier says. “Whatever the setup, the foam quality is exceptional.” And the options are not limited to the milk, he adds. “The A800 provides even more options for your own individual configuration. Need a third coffee grinder for your special bean blend? How about adding a flavour station or a cup warmer? You can also add extras to the A800 in stages.” While Franke specialises in superautomatics, the company produces a whole range of coffee machines, meaning they have a solution that is suitable for just about any situation. For an office setting or smaller volume commercial environments, Franke has developed its own offering for the single serve segment. “The new capsule coffee machine is a treat – from the handling to the rich taste experience,” Meier says. “It boasts a functional, high-end design, requires little space and offers outstanding value for money. Whether it’s a simple espresso or cappuccino, Americano or latte macchiato, our professional capsule coffee machine from is a treat for any taste. It also conjures up wonderful teas, from classic Earl Grey to chai latte, and also hot chocolate in all variations.” The company also offers a drip coffee machine for those who prefer filtered coffee. “Our programmable drip coffee maker features a touchscreen with practical, intuitive menu navigation, so you can always keep an eye on the brewing process and all the functions,” Meier says. “You can store customised programs and call these up quickly.” And for those who want an even more hands-on experience, Franke offers a range of semi-automatic espresso machines that allows the barista to shine. “Baristas using our espresso machines can rely on excellent temperature stability, can configure the brewing temperature to their individual needs and are supported discretely by an array of electronic details,” Meier says. In addition to the basic models featuring two, three or four brewing groups, Franke’s automatic coffee machine can also be tailored to more specific needs. The Take-Away versions, for example, offer space for taller glasses and cups under the brewing group. And the compact versions of the T200 and T400, with two brewing groups each, offer the same performance as their sister models, but require less space. GCR

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