GCP receives $1.5 million in funding

gcp funding millions

The Global Coffee Platform (GCP) has announced that eight of its leading members have championed the launch of a new era of collective action in coffee sustainability.

The members have combined to raise more than US$1.5 million for the development of what GCP refer to as “GCP 2.0.”

“This targeted co-funding by our membership kick-starts our work, catalysing transformational change around living income, climate adaptation and sustainability for over one million coffee farmers around the world,” says GCP Executive Director Annette Pensel. “Today, we celebrate the commitment of JDE Peet’s, Melitta Group, Mother Parkers’ Coffee & Tea, Nescafé, Nespresso, Olam Food Ingredients, Rabobank and Westrock Coffee Company. These companies are taking collective action to the next level to propel coffee sustainability.”

GCP hopes that the donation will help significantly advance coffee smallholders’ sustainability and prosperity.

GCP 2.0 will have a farmer-centric approach that focuses on local collective actions in coffee producing countries together with local stakeholders.

GCP Board Chair Carlos Brando says the co-funding will “lay the groundwork to bring ambitious solutions to more than one million coffee smallholders”.

“GCP has demonstrated that change beyond supply chains is possible when GCP Member companies work with our NGO and government partners through collective action,” says Brando. “This pre-competitive collaboration is crucial to generating adequate level of investment and change. No one company can be effective by itself. Collective action is essential to not just ensuring compliance but also accelerating measurable sustainability at scale.”

The investment will enable GCP to grow, attract new talent and further revenue, and support the development of aligned measurement in the form of GCP Country Reports.

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