Gems of Araku to showcase Araku’s finest specialty microlots

Gems of Araku

The 15th edition of annual harvest festival Gems of Araku is scheduled to take place on 24 May at 14:00 pm London time. The auction celebrates both the seasons’ specialty coffee microlots as well as the farmers of Araku, India.

The 2023 auction features 20 microlots and six nano lots. Sample sets are available for purchase through the auction site hosted on the Sensible Coffee platform.

Since 2009, Gems of Araku has curated a collection of coffees crafted to capture the essence of Araku’s unique terroir and rich cultural heritage. Every year, over 1800 microlots are put through a rigorous evaluation by professional coffee cuppers following Specialty Coffee Association cupping protocols. There are three phases to Gems of Araku: Pre-selection, followed by national jury cupping and a final international jury assessment.

As the soil becomes richer and coffee flavours more distinct, Gems of Araku’s top microlots have received ratings as high as 94 out of 100 from professional cuppers.

The event is led by former Cup of Excellence Head Judge Sherri Johns.

Araku coffee originates in the terroirs of Araku valley in the Eastern Ghats of Southern India. Over 22,000 coffee growers work to produce distinct coffee micro lots each season.

Araku specialty coffee owes its uniqueness to the rich soil from which it originates. These rich soils, now restored with nourishing nutrients as a result of regenerative agriculture, ensure coffee cherries are packed with natural sugars. Araku’s biodiverse farms with multi-tier shade further create a lasting imprint on a sensitive coffee plant, yielding complex profiles in these microlots.

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