Genovese Coffee to recruit Australian talent for Barista & Farmer

Genovese Coffee is hosting Umami Barista Camp in Australia from 7 – 12 March.  The week-long training undefined

camp at Genovese Coffee's venue in Melbourne will give attendants the opportunity to experience a high-level professional training program, complete Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) modules, and sit the SCAE Coffee Diploma System certification exam.

The SCAE Coffee Diploma System is one of the most comprehensive certification systems available, and the most extensively awarded coffee certification in the world. 

Some of the world’s top coffee training professionals will lead the training camp in theoretical and practical sessions when it arrives in Melbourne next month.

International instructors will include Dr Andrej Godina, Italian Brewer Simone Guidi, and former Italian Barista Champion and 2013 World Barista Champion Finalist Francesco Sanapo.

Local instructors will include Genovese Coffee’s Specialty Roaster Ben Toovey, and veteran Trainer Simon James.

The SCAE modules will include an introduction to coffee, roasting, sensory skills, brewing, barista skills and green coffee – designed for baristas, coffee professionals, roasters, or green bean traders wanting to improve their skills, knowledge or technique.

Participants in the Umami Barista Camp will have the opportunity to enter a multi-discipline barista competition. The winner of the event will win a trip to Brazil to take part in the 2016 Barista & Farmer program.

From 3 – 13 May, 10 selected finalists will travel to San Paolo, Brazil to experience life as a coffee farmer in the world’s largest coffee producing nation. 

“Barista & Farmer brings together like-minded young guns of the coffee industry from around the world and places them in a unique environment where they learn more than they’ll ever learn behind an espresso machine or brew bar,” said Adam Genovese.

The show will follow the selected baristas, 24 hours a day, while completing coffee-themed challenges and educational activities on Brazilian farms.

Image: Contestants take part in a coffee challenge in the 2015 edition of Barista & Farmer.

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