German Coffee Association to host International Coffee Congress on Sustainability

Deutscher Kaffeevarband, the German Coffee Association, will host an International Coffee Congress on Sustainability forum ahead of World of Coffee in Berlin on 5 June. The association says sustainability is one of the industry’s most important topics, and is of wider relevance due to the recent Fridays for Future movement. “The coffee industry is also called to action in light of the ever-worsening situation in many coffee-growing countries,” the German Coffee Association says in an official release. “Coffee farmers around the world are struggling with the ongoing raw coffee price crisis. Already, many of them are losing their livelihoods due to ongoing climate change.” Read more:
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• Boston and Berlin to host 2019 World Coffee Championships Attendees will discuss the current and long-term effects of the coffee prices on farmers, traders, and roasters; commitment of companies and non-government organisations involved in promoting sustainability, consumer trust in sustainability organisations and labels, efficacy of multiple individual sustainability projects is more useful than a centralised approach, and if sustainable corporate philosophy has a positive effect on coffee turnover. Further lectures will focus on coffee brand imagery, Blockchains and certifications, ways to optimise value creation at source, and the importance of water to the planet. During the break, there will be an emphasis on networking and personal exchange of ideas. For more information, visit

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