German football club releases Peruvian specialty coffee

German football club Werder Bremen has launched a limited-edition Peruvian specialty coffee for Father's Day, which is celebrated on 21 May in Germany this year.

The Peruvian coffee comes from the Pichanaki Cooperative ACPC in Chanchamayo, Junín, and earned a cup score of 87 points.

It will be available until June 30 and can be purchased at club facilities or online throughout Germany. with a price of €8.5 (about US$9.25) for a package of 250 grams. The Peruvian born Werder Bremen striker Claudio Pizarro serves as its ambassador.

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) says the coffee industries of Peru and Germany have a good relationship. Many German roasters annually visit Peruvian cultivation areas on promotional platforms in Peru such as the International Coffee Fair (FICAFE), the ExpoAmazónica, the Coffee and Cacao Show, EXPO Café, and the Food Expo.

In Germany, Peruvian coffees participate in World of Coffee, where Peru was the Guest Country of Honor in its latest edition of June 2019.

PROMPERÚ says these activities are part of the diversification strategy of its markets in order to achieve new destinations for its products, working jointly with the Commercial Offices of Peru Abroad (OCEX).

PROMPERÚ says Peruvian specialty coffees are highly appreciated in the demanding German market, a country that represents a promotional platform for its expansion in Europe. This performance supports the positioning of the Coffees of Peru brand, launched in Peru in 2018, as part of the international ExpoAmazónica fair.

Peru is the third-largest producer of organic coffee in the world, and is the eighth world exporter and ninth producer of conventional coffee in the world. The main destination markets for its coffee in 2019 were the United States with a 26.7 per cent share, followed by Germany at 22.7, Belgium at 11.6, Sweden at 5.9%, and Canada at 5.1 per cent.

Peruvian coffees are produced in 19 regions of the high jungle of our territory, such as San Martín, Junín, Cusco or Puno, which also have iconic tourist attractions such as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu or the majestic Lake Titicaca.

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