Global Coffee Platform webinar series continues

Global Coffee Platform (GCP) has announced more webinars addressing key sustainability issues that will be run during September and October. The four sessions focus on the economic viability of farming, gender and youth, climate smart agriculture and the Sustainability Progress Framework. On 12 September GCP will run a webinar to give an update on the progress made by the Gender and Youth Collective Action Network. This network is working to define and prioritise most pressing issues and actions to be taken in order to increase gender equality and inclusion of youth in coffee farming communities. The webinar focusing on the economic viability of farming will allow participants to share their ideas for action where collaboration between different actors allows them to address a specific issue which will contribute to increase farmer income, as well as sharing an experience of an intervention that has helped increase farmer income. This webinar will be held on 14 September. On 21 September, GCP will focus on the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Collective Action Network, which seeks to define and prioritise the most pressing issues and actions to be taken, and scale CSA learnings to support farmers in adapting more rapidly and widely. The Sustainability Progress Framework is a common measurement framework that will allow coffee stakeholders to measure individual and collective performance against industry standard indicators. The 15 October webinar will help stakeholders understand the proposed list of indicators for the framework. All webinars will be held at 3pm, Central European Time. For more information about these events, please contact Global Coffee Platform.

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