Global Coffee Report Leaders Symposium returns

Global Coffee Report Leaders Symposium

For the first time in eight years, the Global Coffee Report Leaders Symposium will take place in Melbourne on 16 August, 2023. The one-day event is designed to bring together key industry executives and roasters from around the world to share insights on topics that impact the global coffee market.

“The GCR Symposium will return after eight years, and we couldn’t be more excited. The event is designed to educate and inspire the audience of international roasters about the big issues and developments impacting the global coffee market, and to provide this opportunity to the Australian market and the wider Oceania district is a huge opportunity,” says Global Coffee Report Editor and Symposium Moderator Sarah Baker.

“With many international guests travelling to Melbourne for the 10th anniversary of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, attending the Symposium the day prior to the expo will set the scene for a weekend of collaboration, new partnerships, and further education on ways we can continue to support and grow the international coffee industry and the many people and businesses within it.”

The Symposium will highlight four topics across four panel sessions, including an examination of the economy and market trends, industry sustainability, the future of flavour, and the role of automation cross the coffee value chain.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies to implement in their own café or roastery business.

Opportunities for sponsorship at the symposium are limited and offer brands the chance to showcase themselves as industry and thought leaders in the global coffee industry.

For more information, sponsorship opportunities and speaker inquiries, contact

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